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Why We Need Help

We have a wonderful NHS service in this country, but its services are not limitless. The medical profession recognises that emotional support and ways of relieving stress are important in patient care but often lack the resources to provide it.

The Pink Place aims to assist the feeling of well being of those who are experiencing cancer in the Basingstoke area. We know how important it is for our guests to have some time to themselves, to get advice, to have support from others who are in similar circumstances and to enjoy a little pampering once in a while.

The Pink Place works hard at fundraising to get the resources to provide this service for our guests free of charge to make them feel special.

Running the Pink Place sessions takes money and volunteers. We have recently taken over two floor at 3 Wote Street, this will help us in out vision to help men women and children and be open more often. However the new premises comes at a cost - rent, gas/electricity bills and new equipment and so we need to fundraise constantly to pay these. 

From time to time we also need special equipment, eg a gazebo and banner to use at our fundraising or running vests at sporting events.

Our volunteers are our greatest asset, we need help running sessions, manning stands, doing promotional talks, baking cakes, writing letters, manning the mobile, taking bookings, finding prizes, finding fundraising ideas etc. If you can spare an hour or two once in a while or regularly, then please get in touch here.

Why not chose The Pink Place as your nominated charity for a year - or longer. Running dress-down days or cake sales would involve little expense for the company yet you would be helping the local community and any money raised would mean an awful lot to a small charity like ours.

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