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New Basingstoke Golf Club Captain Aims To Get More Men Talking About Cancer

11 April 2024

We are pleased to announce that Richard Carpenter, incoming men’s Captain of Basingstoke Golf Club, has chosen The Pink Place, incorporating The Blue Space for men, as his Captain’s Charity of The Year, as the club looks to open its new course in Dummer.

The announcement was made at the new Captain’s Introductory Ceremony, which took place on on April 7th, with Richard vowing to not only raise funds, but also work hard to get more men talking about cancer.

New Basingstoke Golf Club Captain To Support The Pink Place

“In addition to the various fundraising initiatives that I have planned for the next 12 months, it is my aim, to encourage new conversation around men's cancer and to highlight that those conversations are desperately needed to save lives. The statistic of 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime is a stark reminder that cancer touches so many people and has no boundaries to age, sex, ethnicity, or background.

"I understand from conversations with the charity, that The Blue Space (the men's section of the charity) has far fewer members than the ladies. This is NOT because there are fewer men with cancer living in and around Basingstoke, but, as research suggests, almost a quarter of men have never talked about cancer to a friend or relative and over 86% do not even seek support.

“As part of my legacy as Captain of Basingstoke Golf Club, I am determined to make a difference, by not only raising vital funds to help ensure that the charity continues long into the future but also by opening up a dialogue about cancer and breaking down barriers and stigmas, so that more men can feel empowered to discuss their health concerns openly and seek help when needed”.

Christine Griffiths, Fundraising and Events Manager of The Pink Place attended the Captain’s Introductory Ceremony, and had some inspiring conversations with the club’s members, commenting,

“Our charity works incredibly hard to provide a wide range of wellbeing services, complementary therapies, counselling, mindfulness, and peer group support to adults affected by cancer.

"As the Club enters an exciting new chapter in its history, with the opening of its new course and club house, it’s inspiring to see the commitment from Richard, and those members who themselves have been affected by cancer, embarking on a campaign to encourage conversations about men’s health, particularly concerning cancer and potentially making a significant impact on saving lives and improving overall health outcomes.”

You can keep up with the fundraising on the Captain’s Fundraising Page, where you can also donate, and we’ll keep you up to date with any new conversations around getting more men involved following their Cancer diagnosis.

Let’s drive the conversation and keep it moving.

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